over the past few years, I've tweeted a lot. I've also written op-eds and book reviews and an essay or two. but sometimes the right home for a piece is somewhere less transient than the TL, and somewhere more personal than a major outlet. I'm hoping to use this space for those thoughts, as a place for me to think through issues of personal and professional significance.

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in sickness & in health: our first year of marriage

Everyone tells you your first year of marriage will be hard, but I never could have foreseen the reason ours has been. When I started reflecting on what’s defined the past year, I originally thought the center of this story was my diagnosis. It’s not. It’s the love that’s sustained me while I’ve been sick that’s left the most indelible mark. I first felt the lump in my left breast in late July. I was living in a college dorm for the month, running the residential operations of a bridge program for talented incoming freshmen from underrepresented backgrounds. For 5 weeks, I felt almost 17 again. Nights were spent staying up until 2 am talking and laughing, days were spent running around campu

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